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My Clients often ask me which is the best treatment for different conditions or problems that they have, well each of my Clients is different and some prefer one treatment to another, but they are often surprised that there is often more than one type of treatment that can help them. 
Please see a list below of different symptoms and which treatment or option of treatment is available, this list does not cover condition, so please contact me if you have any queries. 
Ankle Conditions – SPM, ACU, ST, KT 
Anxiety – SWM, HSM, REF, HEC, FAC, IHM, REI 
Arm Conditions – SPM, ACU, ST, KT 
Acne - FAC, IHM 
Back Pain - DTM, SPM, SWM, KT, ACU, REF, REI 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - ACU, KT 
Constipation - SWM, REF, REI 
Colds - REF, HEC, REI 
Congestion in the Ears - HEC, REI 
Depression - SWM, HSM, REF, HEC, HEC 
Dry Skin - SWM, DTM, HSM 
Digestive Problems - SWM, REF, REI 
Earwax - HEC 
Earache - HEC 
Emotional Stress - SWM, REF, HSM, FAC, HEC, IHM, REI 
Fatigue - REF, SWM, DTM, REI, IHM 
Glue Ear - HEC 
Golfers Elbow - SPM, ACU, KT 
Hamstring Problems - SPM, KT, ACU 
Hay Fever - HEC, REF 
Headaches - SPM, DTM, SWM, IHM, HEC, REI, REF, HSM 
Insomnia - SWM, HSM, HEC, IHM, REI 
Joint Pain - SPM, DTM, SWM, HSM, ACU, REF, REI, ST, KT 
Knee Conditions - SPM, ACU, ST, KT 
Lack of Energy - SWM, DTM, IHM, REF, REI 
Leg Cramps - DTM, ACU, KT 
Muscle Tension - SWM, DTM, SPM, HSM, ACU, KT 
Muscular Pain - SPM, DTM, SWM, HSM, ACU, REI, REF, KT 
Mental Stress - SWM, IH, HSM, REF, HEC, REI, FAC 
Migraines - DTM, SWM, IHM, REF, HEC, REI 
Menstrual Problems - REF, REI, KT 
Nausea - REF, REI 
Neck Pain - DTM, SPM, SWM, HSM, IHM, KT 
Patella Femoral Syndrome - KT, ACU 
Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain - SPM, KT, ACU 
Sacroilic Joint Dysfunction - SPM, KT, ACU 
Sciatica - ACU, SPM, DTM, KT 
Shin Splints - SPM, KT, ACU 
Shoulder Pain - SPM, ACU, KT 
Sinus Problems - HEC, IHM 
Snoring - HEC, KT 
Sprains - SPM, ST, KT, ACU 
Strains - SPM, ST, KT, ACU 
Stress - SWM, HEC, IHM, HSM, REF, REI 
Stiff Joints - SWM, HSM, DTM, SPM, REI, ACU, KT 
Tendinopathy - SPM, KT, ACU 
Tennis Elbow - SPM, DTM, KT, ACU 
Tenosynivitis - ACU, KT 
Tension - SWED, HSM, IHM, HEC, REI 
Tinnitus - HEC, ACU 
Unsettledness - SWM HSM, IHM, HEC, REI 
Worries - REI, IHM, HSM, HEC 
Wrist Conditions - SPM, ST, KT, ACU 
Therapy Abbreviations 
FAC - Facial 
KT - Kinesio Taping 
SPM - Sports Massage 
ST – Strapping and Tapping 
If you would like to discuss how I can help you or to book a treatment, please call me on 07718 605501 or complete the short form below 
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