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Sports Acupuncture 

Acupuncture is yet another therapy that I can offer to help my clients get the maximum benefit from their treatment. 
Sports Acupuncture offers a combination of Eastern and Western techniques using acupuncture needles. 
Sometimes direct treatment over the affected area cannot be applied or the client is in too much pain, therefore acupuncture can be a good almost pain free and safe alternative by either inserting needles into/ near the affected area, or on certain acupuncture points which are further away from the problem area, although these can be just as effective. 
Acupuncture can be used as a treatment on it's own or as a combination with other treatments. 
After a thorough consultation the client will be lying in a position which is most comfortable to them. Then needles will be inserted into carefully selected points and left for 15 – 20 minutes. Sometimes needles will be “twiddled” during this time, this enhances the treatment. 
All needles are pre sterilised and single use only and come from a reputable traditional Chinese medicine dealer which conforms to UK standards. 
Some conditions that I can treat with acupuncture are: 
shin splints 
various knee conditions 
tennis elbow 
golfers elbow 
carpal tunnel 
various back related problems 
wrist problems 
shoulder problems 
neck conditions 
plus various other muscle and joint conditions 
Sports Accupuncture
If you are interested in booking some sports accupuncture or would like to find out more about my therapies, please contact me on 07718 605501 or click here to complete my short contact form. 
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