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Swedish Massage 

Developed in the 1800's, Swedish Body Massage has long been thought of as the first systematic method of massage in the western world. Movements for Swedish massage were originally used for medical purposes and were adapted for the individual depending on the clients need. Movements vary from deep pressure to light soothing stokes and are aimed at stimulating healthy blood flow in the body. Massage can reduce muscle tension and speed up the removal of "waist products" from the cells. 
Joint mobility may improve and there are various benefits to the nervous system. The client often reports feeling light and refreshed and stimulated with a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing throughout the body 
The benefits of a Swedish Massage include 
• Relaxation 
• Increases blood circulation 
• Reduces muscle tension 
• May improve joint mobility 
• Feeling light and refreshed 
• Reduces muscular pain 
• Relax the mind and body 
• Reduce stress 
• Improves circulatory and immune systems 
• Aids removal of toxins and waste products 
• Reduces stiffness is muscles 
• Can break down fat 
• Benefits skin tone 
• Aids digestion 
Swedish Massage in Northampton
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